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Draft EIA 2020: Weakening India’s Environmental Governance

Experience of the current Environment Impact Assessment (EIA) process under the current EIA notification of Sept 2006 tells us that the process needs strengthening in every aspect. The Narendra [...]

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Nominations open for BPS & AMM awards
– India Rivers Day 2019

Nomination forms can be submitted to any of the following e-mail addresses:, with the subject line: BPS/AMM 2019 Nomination

My Memories of the River

River Semester 2019

→ Short Term Call for Application | Apply here by April 15 → Conducted by Augsburg University in Minneapolis, Minnesota, open to undergraduate students from universities in the U.S. and abroad. [...]

No Pretense, No Armour: Anupam Mishra and His Great Contributions

PERSPECTIVE Anupam Mishra was a Gandhian thinker and environmental conservationist who worked extensively for the conservation of water resources through traditional techniques. His ideas and [...]

Rivers as commons: Reality or Myth?

The fact that most of the civilizations of the world flourished on the river banks is more or less uncontested. The examples of early river valley civilizations range from Indus civilization near [...]

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