India Rivers Forum has been created to establish a vibrant and active network of organizations and individuals who have dedicated themselves to work for the rejuvenation and restoration of rivers.

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See how INTACH’s efforts in the Thar desert are making the seemingly impossible, possible.

The Threat Is Real


Why we are saving rivers

Modern age has not been kind to our rivers. They have been dammed, diverted, channelized, encroached and polluted, and are poorly appreciated as ecosystems.


Why we are saving rivers

While the mainstream discourse had been on centralized, infrastructure based piecemeal approaches, participatory, ecosystem based approaches have been ignored.


Why we are saving rivers

On the other hand, there are inspiring examples of community, civil society and government actions which have demonstrate the power of alternative approaches which need to be discussed and mainstreamed.

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“It is important to acknowledge that rivers have
the right to flow and live. We need to change
our attitude towards rivers.”

Late Shri Anupam Mishra


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Membership is open to all individuals and organizations working on, or interested in the restoration of our rivers.

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