A visit to the river side by Ash JJ

 In Memories of the river

A visit to the river side and dip your feet in the river.. you feel the peace emerging from the darkness around. Upon one visit to River Yamuna in Vrindavan, I saw so much chaos and filth around , and the noise smuggled my heart away to a corner …. upon my arrival there, I saw this magnificent romance of the glorious sunset on the sizzling river that rippled echoes of love and peace in to my parched soul. Tranquility gripped my heart!!!

That day i realised you can be in the most beautiful place and miss the peace or be in the middle of chaos and still choose to see beauty arising from the ashes.

A river of beauty is created by our hearts that wants to feel the tranquility it offers.

It is my prayer that we don’t dirty the rivers but let them flow uninterrupted, taking the message of peace and love that our humanity so desperately needs !!!

– Ash JJ

A visit to the river side and dip your feet in the river
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