Partha Jyoti Das

Brief Profile: Dr. Partha Jyoti Das is an environmental scientist and a socio-hydrologist with special interest in the area of ‘water, disaster management and climate change’. He has done research on inter-disciplinary areas mainly in the interface of natural sciences, environmental sciences and social sciences. He works with communities, CSOs as well as Government agencies with the aim of generating new information, knowledge and policy perspectives on the water-environment-development nexus as well as contributing towards environmental security and sustainable development of the marginalised communities and protection and conservation of threatened ecosystems.
He did his Master of Science in Physics in 1993, M. Phil in Environmental Science from in 1995 and his Ph. D. in Environmental Science in 2005, all from Gauhati University.
Area of research interest and experience: Water and climate induced disasters, disaster risk reduction, climate change, adaptation and resilience, socio-hydrology, eco-hydrology, wetland, ecosystem services, environmental and social impact assessment of development interventions (such as large water infrastructures), water governance and policy, water conflict, transboundary water management and environmental migration.
River basins of interest: The Brahmaputra and the Barak river basin in India, The Teesta River and its basin, the Kosi river and its basin, the Mahanadi river and its basin; Ganga-Brahmaputra-Meghna basin in general.
He has more than 15 years of experience of research, advocacy and education in the above mentioned thematic fields.
He has carried out more than 25 research and action research projects funded by various national and international donor agencies.
He has published more than 25 publications comprising research papers in national and international journals, technical reports, monographs and articles.
He has edited three books, one on sustainable natural resources management and two on water conflicts in northeast India.
Dr. Das is presently working as the Head, ‘Water, Climate & Hazard Division’ in Aaranyak, a front ranking environmental NGO of India based at Guwahati.
Dr. Das is a member of the Expert Committee constituted by the Government of Assam for the rejuvenation of the River Kolong.
He is a member of the Steering Committee of the ‘Forum for Policy Dialogue on Water Conflicts in India’, a reputed water think tank of the country based in Pune, India. He is a life member of the Indian Society for Ecological Economics (INSEE) and the India Water Partnership (IWP).

List of Publications:
1. Goswami, D.C. and Das, P.J. (2002). Hydrological Impact of earthquakes on the Brahmaputra river regime, Assam: A study in exploring some evidences, Proceedings of the 18th National Convention of Civil Engineers, November 9-10, 2002. Institution of Engineers (India), Assam State Center-Guwahati. Reprinted in My Green Earth. Vol.3 No.2.
2. Goswami, D.C. and Das, P.J. (2003). The Brahmaputra River, India: The eco-hydrological context of water use in one of world’s most unique river systems (2003): Ecologist Asia. Special issue on large dams in northeast India- Rivers, forests, people and power. Vol. 11. No. 1. Jan-Mar 2003. pp. 9-14.
3. Das, P.J. and Goswami, D.C. (2004). Long-term variability of rainfall over northeast India. Indian Journal of Landscape Systems and Ecological Studies, volume 26, No. 1, pp.1-20.
4. Das, P.J. and Ahmed, M.F. (2005). Down Stream Impacts of the Ranganadi Dam with special emphasis on the Hydrological Impact of the Flow Diversion Plan. Large Dams for Hydropower in Northeast India-A Dossier, Kalpvriksh and South Asia Network on Dams, Rivers and People.
5. Das, P.J. (2005). Integrated Water Resources Management: A Northeast Indian Perspective. In-house publication of Aaranyak
6. Das, P.J. (2009). Water and Climate Induced Vulnerability in Northeast India: Concerns for Environmental Security and Sustainability’. Bulletin of Northeast Development Forum, March 2009. New Delhi.
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12. Das P.J. and Bhuyan H.K. (2013). Policy and Institutions in Adaptation to Climate Change: Case study on flood mitigation infrastructure in India and Nepal. ICIMOD Working Paper 2013/4. Kathmandu: ICIMOD
13. Das, P.J. (2013). Jiadhal river catchment: Conflicts over embankments In: Das Partha J, Chandan Mahanta, K.J. Joy, Suhas Paranjpe, Shruti Vispute (Ed). Water conflicts in northeast India: A compendium of case studies, Pune, Forum for policy dialogue on water conflicts in India, page 35-44
14. Das, P.J. (2013). Jiadhal River Catchment, Assam, India: Building community capacity for flash flood risk management In: Shrestha, AB; Bajracharya, SR (eds) (2013) Case studies on flash flood risk management in the Himalayas: In support of specific flash flood policies. Kathmandu: ICIMOD, pages 24-30.
15. Das, P.J. (2013). Climate change and water induced hazards in northeast India (2013). Souvenir published on the occasion of 49th conference of the Assam Science Society at J.N. College, Boko, Assam on 19th, 20th and 21st April/2013. Edited by Ganeswar Saharia and published by Reception Committee, page143-151.
16. Das, P. J. (2014). Resolving conflicts in the Brahmaputra River basin by promoting scientific collaboration and information sharing in Brahmaputra: Towards unity,, pp 46-50
17. Sagar Ratna Bajracharya, Wahid Palash, Mandira Singh Shrestha, Vijay Ratan Khadgi, 1 Chu Duo, Partha Jyoti Das, and Chhimi Dorji.(2015). “Systematic Evaluation of Satellite-Based Rainfall Products over the Brahmaputra Basin for Hydrological Applications,” Advances in Meteorology, vol. 2015, Article ID 398687, 17 pages, 2015. doi:10.1155/2015/398687.
18. Das, P. J. (2015). Impact of climate change on water induced hazards of NE India and implications for Assam. Management of water related disasters Urban & Rural. Proceedings of the Assam Water Conference, 6-7 February, 2015, Edited by Prasanta Dutta and Bhaskar Jyoti Das, Published by the Department of Water Resources Government of Assam, pp 97-105.
19. Karim, A., Haque, A.K.E., Khan, TM, Mukherjee J. Chakraborty, G., Ghosh, P., Das, P., and Lahkar, B. (2015). Methodology framework for assessing ecosystem service of selected chars in Bangladesh and India, IUCN, Dhaka, Bangladesh, Ppviii+36
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21. Petra Tschakert, Partha Jyoti Das, Neera Shresth Pradhan, Mario Machado, Armando Lamadrid, Mandira Buragohain, Masfique Alam Hazarika (2016). Micropolitics in collective learning spaces for adaptive decision-making. Global Environmental Change 40 (2016) 182–194.
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26. Arpita Das and Partha J Das (2017). Local Solutions to Local Disasters: Governance in Flood Management in Assam. In: Swarnakar, P., Zavestoski, S., Pattnaik, B. (2017). ‘Bottom-up’ Approaches in Governance and Adaptation for Sustainable Development: Case Studies from India and Bangladesh. SAGE Publications, New Delhi.
27. Ranabhat, S.; L.D. Bhatta; R.K. Rai; B. Pant; N. Timalsina; P.J. Das; N. Bisht (2017). Can forest stand alone? Barriers to the restoration of the last remaining rainforest in Assam, India, International Forestry Review Vol.19(S4), 2017, pp. 62-74.
28. Soumyadeep Banerjee, Dominic Kniveton, Richard Black and Partha Jyoti Das(2018). Exploring vulnerability in flood affected remittance-recipient and non-recipient households of Upper Assam in India’ IN: ‘Climate Change, Vulnerability and Migration’, Edited by S. Irudaya Rajan and R. B. Bhagat. Routledge. India, 2018.

Publications-Edited Books
1. Sustainable natural resources management in northeast India, published by Eastern Book House (2011), Guwahati
2. ‘Water conflicts in northeast India: A compendium of case studies’ published by the Forum for Policy Dialogue on Water Conflicts in India, Pune (2013).
3. Water Conflicts in Northeast India, published by Routledge India (2018)

Water, Climate and Hazard Division
Partha J Das, Ph.D.
Head, ‘Water, Climate & Hazard Division’

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