Nutan Maurya

Brief Profile : I am an Environmental Anthropologist. I do research and write on pollution risk to public health and livelihood. I am also interested in understanding and investigating the urban-water dynamics, political ecology of wastewater management, and urbanisation and cultural politics of environmental crisis. Recently I collaborated with TCD under Water to Cloud (W2C) project to study the impact of river water pollution on the health and livelihoods of the riverine communities of the river Yamuna in Delhi and the river Ganga in UP and WB.

Publications :
In the last five years-

Alley D Kelly, Maurya N., Das S.2018.ParametersofSuccessfulWastewaterReusein Urban India. Journal of Indian Politics and Policy. Online ISSN: 2573-8054

Maurya, N. 2014. Science, Society and Risk in the Anthropocene. Economic and Political Weekly. 49(41)

Maurya, N. and S R Chowdhury. 23 June 2020. River Pollution, conservation: UP’s fishing community bears brunt. Down to Earth.

Maurya, N. 19 Jan 2017. Inequality as environmental risk. dna newspaper.

Maurya, N. 2014. Vikas ki avdharna aur janjatiyon ka swasthya (Concept of development and tribal health) Yojana (Hindi), A journal of Ministry of Information and 
Broadcasting, GoI, Jan 2014 (pg. 38-41).

Maurya, N. 2015. Development, displacement and health: Tribal women’s sufferings from diseases of development. In Das K.N.(Edited) ‘Health and tribes in India challenges and opportunities’ published by Sarup Book publishers (P) Ltd., The ISBN is 978-81-7625- 983-5.


Maurya N. et al (July 2020) ‘River Yamuna: Deteriorating Water Quality and its Socio-Economic Impact—Voices from the ground.

NCAER and TCD (July 2020) ‘A Report on livelihood and health challenges of riverine communities of the river Ganga’

Kelly D. Alley and Nutan Maurya (Sept 23, 2017). ‘Decentralized STPs in the Delhi Capital Region’. SANDRP .

Maurya N., et al (December 2017). A Review Report of the Decentralized Wastewater Treatment System (DEW A TS) of Kachhpura Agra.


River Yamuna: Deteriorating Water Quality & its Socio-economic Impact Voices from the Ground

Livelihood and Health Challenges of Riverine Communities of the River Ganga

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