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NEER Foundation

Brief Profile:
NEER Foundation was founded in 2004 after realizing the urgent need for capacity building of different stakeholders involved in the management and protection of the environment and society. Since its appearance NEER Foundation has worked untiringly towards developing a sustainable environment for all by means of grassroot level activities, policy advocacy, mass awareness, community ac-tion, field demonstrations and information dissemination. The ef-forts of NEER Foundation have borne fruit in the form of improved institutional and local environment and increased community par-ticipation in various environmental and human rights issues at the local, national and international levels.

NF strongly believes that public awareness plays a major role in defining policy issues at various levels. Over the years NF has be-come capable of advocating for various environmental and human rights issues by means of collection and dissemination of informa-tion about the resources and accessing the damages caused to our environment and society. This has been done by outreaching to the locals through grassroot level initiatives along with an active participation in the policy making by interacting with various stake-holders such as government authorities, corporate, activists, tech-nical experts and advisors etc.

List of Publications:
East Kali River Documentary
Hindon River Documentary
Newsletter (Hindon Maati)

Individuals within the organisation: Raman Kant

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