K. J. Joy

Brief Profile: I have been involved in:
1) river basin studies,
2) watershed based development,
3) alternatives to large dams,
4) water conflicts,
5) sand mining from river beds,
6) hydro power and climate change, etc. My involvement is in research, activism and policy advocacy, networking, etc.

List of Publications:
1) Alternative Futures: India Unshackled (Kothari, Ashish and K. J. Joy (Ed.),
2) Water Conflicts in Northeast India (Joy, K. J., Partha J. Das, Gorky Chakraborty, Chandan Mahanta, Suhas Paranjape, Shruti Vispute (Ed.),
3) Integrated Water Management of the Mahanadi Basin: Water Resources, Water Allocation and Inter-Sectoral Use (Abraham Samuel, K.J. Joy and Sarita Bhagat),
4) Water Allocations and Use in the Mahanadi River Basin: A Study of the Agricultural and Industrial Sectors (Craig Dsouza, Abraham Samuel, Sarita Bhagat and K.J. Joy),
5) Re-politicising water governance: exploring water re-allocations in terms of justice (Joy, K. J., Seema Kulkarni, Dik Roth, Margreet Zwarteveen),
6) Poverty, livelihoods and the conservation of nature in biodiversity hotspots around the world (Bouma, Jetske, K. J. Joy, Maronel Steyn), in Nature’s Wealth: The Economics of Ecosystem Services and Poverty (eds.), Pieter J. H. Van Beukering et al,
7) Beyond the Rhetoric of Integrated Water Resources Management: The Case of the Tungabhadra Sub-basin (Nesheim, Ingrid, K. J. Joy, K. V. Raju, Nagothu Udaya Sekhar, S. Manasi, Suhas Paranjape),
8) Water Use: Legal and Institutional Framework (Joy, K. J. and Suhas Paranjape, in Water and the Laws in India, Ramaswamy Iyer (ed.),
9) Water Conflicts in India: A Million Revolts in the Making (Joy, K. J., Biksham Gujja, Suhas Paranjape, Vindo Goud, Shruti Vispute (Ed),
10) Community-based Natural Resource Management: Issues and Cases from South Asia (Menon, Ajit, Praveen Singh, Esha Shah, Suhas Sharachchandra lele, Suhas Paranjape and K. J. Joy),
11) Women and Water: Relationships, issues and Experiences (Joy, K. J. and Suhas Paranjape in Women in India Post: Colonial Period, Bharati Ray (ed.),
12) Watershed Based Development: A Source Book (Paranjape, Suhas, K. J. Joy, Terry Machado, Ajaykumar Varma and S. Swaminathan),
13) Sustainable Technology: Making the Sardar Sarovar Project Viable — A Comprehensive Proposal to Modify the Project for Greater Equity and Ecological Sustainability (Paranjape, Suhas and K. J. Joy)

1) Society for Promoting Partiictibe Ecosystem Mangment (SOPPECOM),
2) Forum for Policy Dialogue on Water Conflicts in India

Individuals within the organisation: Neha Bhadbhade, Sarita Bhagat

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