Gujarat Ecology Society

Brief Profile: Undertaken ecological health of various rivers in Gujarat.
Documentation of biodiversity of rivers like Vishwamitri, Purna, Kim and Kolak
Health of the estuaries of the rivers in south Gujarat with respect to pollution and sediment quality
List of Publications:
• Patel B., Rathod J. Y., Suthar A. (2017) “Avian Diversity around the Riparian Zone of Vishwamitri River, Vadodara, Gujarat”.International Journal of Zoology Study. Vol. 2 (3)., 39-45
• AkshataMagadum, Tejas Patel, DeepaGavali (2017). Assessment of Physicochemical parameters and Water Quality Index of Vishwamitri River, Gujarat, India.(2017). International Journal of Environment, Agriculture and Biotechnology (IJEAB).Vol 2, issue 4. Pp. 1505-1510.
• Tejas Patel, JagrutiRathod, JayendraLakhmapurkar, DeepaGavali (2017). Assessment of water Quality of Kim River, Gujarat. India. International Research Journal of Natural and Applied Sciences.Vol 4 (1). Pp : 41-49.
• D.J. Gavali, T.R. Patel, and Mitali Patel (2016) “Status of water quality of Mini River, Vadodara” in International Journal of Current Research (IJCR).Vol. 8 (08): 36757-36762.
• Dhara R. Shah, Sumesh N. Dudani, Amita O. Sankhwal and Deepa J. Gavali, (2015) Riparian vegetation of Mini River in Vadodara, Gujarat , International Journal Of Environmental Sciences Volume 6, No 2, 2015
• Amita O. Sankhwal, Shruti D. Shah, Deepa J. Gavali and Sumesh N. Dudani (2015).Riparian Flora of Mahi River, Gujarat. Biolife, 3(4), pp 820-826.
• Jagruti Y. Rathod, Ishani B. Patel and Deepa J. Gavali (2015). “Avifaunal Diversity of Mini River of Vadodara District of Gujarat”. In International Journal of Pharmacy & Life Sciences. June 6(6), pp. 4521-4530.
• Sonal Deshkar, Mewada Khyati, and Gavali Deepa (2014). Spatial difference in pollution levels across Vishwamitri River. International Journal of Environmental Biology; 4(1): 51-56
• Sonal Deshkar, Jayendra Lakhmapurkar and Deepa Gavali (2014). Temporal variation in the nutrient fluxes in Narmada estuary. Accepted for publication at Indian journal of Geo marine science. 43 (2):284-288
Individuals within the organisation: Dr. Jayendra Lakhmapurkar, Dr. Jagruti Rathod

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