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Dr. Sitaram Taigor

Brief Profile: Contributing in the conservation of biodiversity, wetlands conservation, Community based River Restorations, Education and awareness etc.

Affiliation: Working as a Environmental Specialist-Ganga at State Mission for Clean Ganga-Uttar Pradesh under the Urban Development Department, Govt. of Uttar Pradesh.

List of Publications:
In Refereed Journals:
1. Meena, H., Nama, K., Taigor, S.R. and Chaudhary, K. 2017. Comparative population status of Gavialis gangeticus in S.E., part of NCS, Rajasthan. Int. J. Inov. Res. Adv. Studies (IJIRAS). Vol.4 Issue 4. April.2017. pp-354-357.
2. Taigor, S. R. and R. J. Rao. 2014. Assessment of potential suitable habitats stretch of fresh water Crocodile, Gharial Gavialis gangeticus (Gmelin 1789) in the Chambal River, Madhya Pradesh, India: Int. J. Env. Sc Vol 4 No.4 Pp 544-550. (IC Values=4.69)
3. S. R. Taigor and R. J. Rao.2010. Habitat features of aquatic animals in the National Chambal Sanctuary, Madhya Pradesh, India. Asian J. Exp. Biol. Sci., Vol. 1(2) 2010:409-414.
4. Taigor, S.R. and R.J. Rao. 2010. Anthropogenic threats in the National Chambal Sanctuary, Madhya Pradesh, India, Tiger Paper, Vol. 37 : No. 1 Jan.-March 2010. 23-27.
5. S. R. Taigor. 2010. Sighting of Eurasian griffon, Gyps fulvus and conservation of Vultures in North Madhya Pradesh, India Int. J. Biodvers. Conserv.Vol. 2 (2), pp. 026–029. February 2010
6. Faiyaz A. Khudsar, R. J. Rao, Sitaram Taigor and Koustubh Sharma. 2009. Diversity of lower vertebrates in Kuno Wildlife Sanctuary, Madhya Pradesh, proposed second home for Asiatic lions. Tiger paper, Vol.36 No. (4), Nov. Dec.2009. 23-26.
7. Taigor, S.R. and R.J. Rao. 2008. Sand mining practices on the Chambal river banks and their impact on the aquatic animal biodiversity. Journal of Env. Res. Dev. Vol. 2 No. 4.p-644-650(Impact factor 4.301)
In Non-refereed Journal
1. Borah, J.,S. Shah, J Vattakaven,Sitaram Taigor and R. Singh.2015. Connecting Wildlife Corridors. Economic and Political Weekly.
2. Sitaram Taigor. 2013. Wildlife week 1-7 October, 2013 celebration, report submitted from Chambal Conservation Initiative, Madhya Pradesh published in ZOO’s PRINT, Volume XXVIII, Number 1, January 2013
3. S. R. Taigor. 2011. World Environment Day-2011 celebration, report submitted from Chambal Conservation Initiative, Madhya Pradesh published in ZOO’s PRINT, Volume XXVI, Number 7, July 2011.
4. Sitaram Taigor.2010. Pachnada Ka Mahatva. Global Green (Hindi): Feb.
5. Sitaram Taigor. 2009. Wildlife Week of Kuno Wildlife Sanctuary, M.P. Report of PEACE Institute Charitable Trust, Delhi published in ZOOS’ PRINT, Volume XXIV, Number 3, March 2009, (RNI 10:6).
6. Sitaram Taigor.2009. Gharial Conservation. Global Green (Hindi): Vol. (2):1. Pp 52.
7. Sitaram Taigor.2009. Kuno Wildlife Sanctuary: Global Green (Hindi): Vol. (2)4-5.

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