Dr. Kristina Danka

Brief Profile:
Kristina Danka is a scholar, activist, cultural diplomat and a multi-award-winning filmmaker. She possesses a Ph.D. in Comparative Literary Studies from the University of Budapest, Hungary, a Certificate in Screenwriting from New York University, and a Certificate in Documentary Film Producing from the New York Film Academy. As a college lecturer she has taught Indian literature and media communications since 1998. As an activist and media spokesperson, she has led several international campaigns against religious and minority discrimination, and helped to run humanitarian campaigns such as a charity program feeding 20,000 tsunami victims daily in Sri Lanka, in early 2005.

She is the writer-producer of over 30 documentaries and videos, author of 3 books, and dozens of articles. Her films related to environmental, humanitarian, human rights, religious and minority issues, interfaith dialogue, Indian spirituality and culture, have been broadcast on several international television channels.

Affiliation: Karuna Productions

List of Publications:
The Stolen River, Release date: Sep. 5, 2017, LIFFT Film Festival, Mumbai, India (writing, directing, producing), Won Best Green Film Award. Winner, Critics’ Choice Award, Best Film on Nature, L’Age D’Or Arthouse Film Festival, Kolkata, India; Winner, Bronze Award, Independent Shorts Awards, North Hollywood, CA, USA; Winner, Best Film on Environment, Nature & Wildlife, Calcutta, International Cult Film Festival, Kolkata, India; Winner, Best In Show Award, Cinema Verde International Environmental Film & Arts Festival, Gainesville, FL, USA; Winner, Award of Recognition, Impact DOCS Award Competition.
Violet and the Wildman. Winner of Golden Fox Award for the Best Educational Film and Best Environmental Film, Nature & Wildlife, Calcutta, International Cult Film Festival, Kolkata, India;
The Joy of Devotion, Release date: Dec. 10. 2016, Washington, DC, (writing, directing, producing). Won the American Religious Communications Council’s DeRose-Hinkhouse Memorial Award, March 30, 2016, Chicago, IL.
Nature’s I.Q., Release date: Sep. 12, 2012, Urania National Movie Theater, Budapest, Hungary, (directing, producing). Theatrical, television and digital distribution.
Hunky Blues: The Hungarian Immigrants and the American Dream: Feature documentary (researcher-writer). Dir.: Peter Forgacs, Premiers: MOMA, New York (05.04.09), National Gallery of Art, Washington, DC (05.10.09), theatrical & television distribution.

Eco-Valley: The Green Path of Harmony. Hungarian National Television, and Pax TV. Feb. 2008, (producer-writer).
A Guru’s Private Life. Hungarian National Television and Pax TV. Feb. 2008, (producer-writer).
Bazaar: The South Indian Art of Silk Weaving. Deko TV, 2007, (producer-writer, co-host).
Bazaar: Around South Indian Temples. Deko TV, 2007, (producer-writer).
Bazaar: South Indian Granite Sculptures. Deko TV, 2007, (producer-writer).
Culinary Adventures In South India: The Rice. TV Paprika, 2007, (producer-writer).
Culinary Adventures In South India: The Milk. Deko TV, 2007, (producer-writer).
Culinary Adventures In South India: The Coconut. Deko TV, 2007, (producer-writer).
Is There Life After Death? Hungarian National Television, Pax TV 2007, (producer-writer).
Wisdom of India: Sacred Fine Arts. Hungarian National Television and Pax TV, 2006, (producer-writer).
Wisdom of India: Astrology. Hungarian National Television and Pax TV, 2006, (producer-writer).
Culinary Adventures In India: The Bengali Market. TV Paprika, 2006, (producer).
Culinary Adventures In India: The Bengali Festival Menu. TV Paprika, 2006, (producer).
Culinary Adventures In India: The Ayurvedic Cooking. TV Paprika, 2006, (producer).
Vastu, The Ancient Science of Architecture. Deko TV, 2006, (producer).
Rebirth of a Soul. Hungarian National Television and Pax TV, 2006, (producer-writer).
Royal Palaces in Rajasthan. Deko TV, 2006, (producer).
Artisans of Rajasthan. Deko TV, 2006, (producer).
Sri Lanka: In the Wake of the Tsunami. (Why Bad Things Happen to Good People?) Hungarian National Television, 2005, (producer-writer).
The Playful God. Hungarian National Television, 2005, (writer).
The Many Faces of God. Talk-show, Hungarian National Television, 2004, (self).
The Smile of India in Europe. Hungarian National Television, 2003, (co-writing).
The Ten Commandments Today. Hungarian National Television, 2001, (self).

Transit Point. Web release, 2017 (writer-producer-director). Top 10 finalist, American Religion Newswriters’ Association.
East Village. Web release, New York Film Academy, 2017 (writer-producer-director)
Hare Krishna: Fifty Years of Service & Joy. Web release, 2016 (writer-producer-director)
Unity in Diversity: A Community Builds the Temple of the Vedic Planetarium.Web release, 2014, (producer-director).
Seeing God and Helping the Blind. Web release, Odyssey Networks, New York, USA, 2013, (producer-director).
Does God Have Humor? Web release, Odyssey Networks, New York, USA, 2013, (producer-director).
The Cosmos out of the Rice Fields. Web release, 2012, (producer-director).

The Literary Work as Revelation: the Philosophy and Poetics of Bengali Vaishnavism, Eotvos Lorand University, Astersikos, Budapest, 2001.
The Literature of Gaudiya Vaishnavism, Bhaktivedanta College, 2000.
A Potful of Wisdom. Stories About Birbal, Lal Publising, 1996.

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