Dr. Iqbal Ahmad

Affiliation’s : People’s Science Institute, Dehradun

Brief Profile : Worked on water quality of Ganga river, Mandakini River (Chitrakoot) and Ground water

Publications :
1. Gupta A., Gupta M.K., Darshini P., Gupta G.S. and Ahmad I. (2014). Assessment of heavy metal in drinking water of dug wells and hand pumps in and around Rajaula village of Chitrakoot area(M.P.), IJEP, 34(5)429-433.

2. Chaurasia S., Ahmad I., Gupta A.D. and Kumar S. (2014). Assessment of air pollution emission from wonder cement ltd. Nimbahera, Rajasthan, India, IJCMAS, 3(3): 133-139.

3. Tiwari M., Shukla N.K., Kumar V. and Ahmad I. (2015). Seasonal Variation of groundwater quality in Amethi District Uttar Pradesh India, IJEEM, 6(1)1-9.

4. Chaurasia S., Ahmad I. and Pandey R. K. (2018). Ground water quality of Lucknow City, JETIR, 5(12): 1-11.

5. Ahmad I. & Chaurasia S. (2019). Study on heavy metal pollution in Ganga river at Kanpur (U.P.), JETIR, 6(6): 391-398.

6. Ahmad I. & Chaurasia S. (2019). Water quality Index of Ganga river at Kanpur (U.P.). TJG, 8(11): 66-77.

7. Chaurasia S., Singh R., Tripathi I.P. & Ahmad I. (2020). Imprints of COVID -19 Pandemic Lockdown on Water Quality of River Mandakini, Chitrakoot, Satna (M.P.), IJSDR,5(10):278-282.

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