Dr Amrisha Pandey

Affiliation’s : International Water Resource Association

Brief Profile :
I am a lawyer and an academic by profession. I am enrolled as a lawyer in the Indian Bar Council. My litigation training ranges in different areas of law from domestic to international legal matters. I am a Public International law scholar with a specialisation in International Environmental Law and having excellent litigation, mediation and research skills. Having worked for the international law firm in London I have good exposure to the international arbitration disputes from a range of jurisdictions including Britain, EU and the Middle East.

Contributed to making of the report, published and available online as – Developing a Global Compendium on Water Quality Guidelines, 2018. This report was developed by the staff of the Executive Office of IWRA, with the support of ONEMA/ AFB and the World Water Council.

Contributed in the making of the report, published and available online as – Water Reuse Within a Circular Economy Context: 2 GLOBAL WATER SECURITY ISSUES SERIES, (UNESCO / UNESCO i-WSSM 2020 ISBN UNESCO 978-92-3-100413-1).

Publications :
Amrisha Pandey, Can Unilateral Sanctions and International Environmental Obligations of States Coexist? in Surya P. Subedi (eds), Unilateral Sanctions in International Law (Hart Publishing, Oxford May 2021). [accepted for publication and it is the working title as the publication is in the making]

Amrisha Pandey and Surya P. Subedi, ‘Changing Notion of Sovereignty and Governance of Water in India: An Analysis of the Inter-State Water Disputes Tribunal’ (2020) 26 (4) The Journal of Water Law 167-181 ISSN 1478-5277.

Amrisha Pandey and Surya P. Subedi, ‘Enhancing State Responsibility from Environmental Implications of the South China Sea Dispute’ in R Barnes and R Long (ed), Frontiers in International Environmental Law: Oceans and Climate Changes. Essay in Honour of David Freestone (accepted for publication Chapter 18, BRILL 2020-21).

Amrisha Pandey, ‘Discussing Human Right to Water in India: Genesis for Debate?’37-47 (2017) WIT Transactions of Ecology and the Environment (online journal).

Amrisha Pandey, ‘The Vistas of Rights on Animals’ 4 (1) (2015) published in International Journal of Innovative Research and Development 263.

Amrisha Pandey, ‘Freshwater Management: An Approach to Address the 21st Century Water Crisis’ 4 (2) (2015) International Journal of Innovative Research and Development 109.

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