Christopher Hackney

Affiliation’s : Newcastle Unviersity

Brief Profile : I’m a fluvial geomorphologist with interests in sediment transport, bank erosion and flooding in large rivers and deltas. I am currently working on the impacts of sand mining on bank erosion rates and flood risk. Most of my research has been focussed in South East Asia, but am interested in expanding my research.

Publications :
Integrating suspended sediment flux in large alluvial river channels: Application of a synoptic Rouse‐based model to the Irrawaddy and Salween rivers
JJ Baronas, EI Stevenson, CR Hackney, SE Darby, MJ Bickle, RG Hilton, …
Journal of Geophysical Research: Earth Surface 125 (9), e2020JF005554 2020
Drainage and erosion of Cambodia’s great lake in the middle-late Holocene: The combined role of climatic drying, base-level fall and river capture
SE Darby, PG Langdon, JL Best, J Leyland, CR Hackney, M Marti, …
Quaternary Science Reviews 236, 106265 2020
River bank instability from unsustainable sand mining in the lower Mekong River
CR Hackney, SE Darby, DR Parsons, J Leyland, JL Best, R Aalto, …
Nature Sustainability 3 (3), 217-225 17 2020
Multi-Decadal Changes in Mangrove Extent, Age and Species in the Red River Estuaries of Viet Nam
NH Quang, CH Quinn, LC Stringer, R Carrie, CR Hackney, LTV Hue, …
Remote Sensing 12 (14), 2289 2020
Hydrological/Hydraulic Modeling-Based Thresholding of Multi SAR Remote Sensing Data for Flood Monitoring in Regions of the Vietnamese Lower Mekong River Basin
N Hong Quang, VA Tuan, TT Le Hang, N Manh Hung, D Thi Dieu, …
Water 12 (1), 71 2 2020
Water quality modelling of the Mekong River basin: Climate change and socioeconomics drive flow and nutrient flux changes to the Mekong Delta
PG Whitehead, L Jin, G Bussi, HE Voepel, SE Darby, G Vasilopoulos, …
Science of the total environment 673, 218-229 17 2019
Natural and anthropogenic influences on the Nhecolândia wetlands, SE Pantanal, Brazil
EC de Oliveira, S Pla-Pueyo, CR Hackney
Geological Society, London, Special Publications 488 (1), 167-180 6 2019
About this title-River to Reservoir: Geoscience to Engineering
PWM Corbett, A Owen, AJ Hartley, S Pla-Pueyo, D Barreto, C Hackney, …
Geological Society, London, Special Publications 488 (1), NP-NP 2019
The geoengineering approach to the study of rivers and reservoirs
PWM Corbett, A Owen, AJ Hartley, S Pla-Pueyo, D Barreto, C Hackney, …
Geological Society, London, Special Publications 488 (1), 1-13 2019
Time is running out for sand
M Bendixen, J Best, C Hackney, L Iversen
Nature 571, 29-31 29 2019
Low-angle dunes in the Changjiang (Yangtze) Estuary: Flow and sediment dynamics under tidal influence
H Hu, T Wei, Z Yang, CR Hackney, DR Parsons
Estuarine, Coastal and Shelf Science 205, 110-122 5 2018
The influence of flow discharge variations on the morphodynamics of a diffluence–confluence unit on a large river
CR Hackney, SE Darby, DR Parsons, J Leyland, R Aalto, AP Nicholas, …
Earth surface processes and landforms 43 (2), 349-362 15 2018
The identification and extraction of extracellular polymeric substances (EPS) from sediments
S Teasdale, X Wu, L Ye, CR Hackney
Geomorphological Techniques, Chapter 1.2.4. 1 – 14 2018
Sustainable rice cultivation in the deep flooded zones of the Vietnamese Mekong Delta
A Chapman, S Darby, E Tompkins, C Hackney, J Leyland, PDT Van, …
Vietnam Journal of Science, Technology and Engineering 59 (2), 34-38

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