What happens when humans try to control nature

One of the first rivers I encountered and witnessed is the Beas. It was in 2014, less than a month after 24 students from a Hyderabad college of engineering had been swept away by its currents.

Tungabhadra floods in 2009 and its impact on my village

This story takes place during my Vijayadashami vacations in 2009. The river Tungabhadra, a tributary of the Krishna, flows next to Village Garlapadu in Telangana, about 5km from my own village, [...]

I have walked that river, I have seen the fish

Deep in a discussion about native species, the ‘expert’ said “the river there is like a desert, there are no fish”. I replied; “but ma’am, I have walked that river, I have seen the fish.

Story of a river that flows out of a city and into the lives of farmers downstream

Not all stories end or even end well. This is the story of a river that flows out of a city and into the lives of farmers downstream. This is the story of the Vrishabhavathi.

A visit to the river side by Ash JJ

A visit to the river side and dip your feet in the river.. you feel the peace emerging from the darkness around.

Rivers of mighty Himalayas: The story beneath their echoing silence

Way back in 560 BC, Heraclitus felt the beauty of streams realizing the fact that we cannot step twice in the same river again as it would be the other waters and then the others that keep flowing in.

My River Journey : Looking Back From The Present

My first recollection of a running stream is that of bathing in the Sahastradhara near Dehradoon in the early 60’s. In summer the stream would be crowded and many people dipped into the stream [...]

Rivers – Like the Life (Vibrations into the flow)

On the midway of the river, the sequences of completeness when about to reach the other waited side or the gloominess in leaving this side of ‘it’, there lies the iteration of time.

Why Godavari? by Shilpa Dahake

I ask myself every day and night - Why Godavari? Crossing the land of five rivers - Punjab, Traversing through the mysterious Chambal Valley, Embracing the mighty Narmada, Fiddling with the [...]

Journey to the Sea by Priyanka Sacheti

On a recent trip to Kashmir, I found myself connecting to rivers in a way I had never done before. Perhaps, it was seeing rivers in their nascent state which made me more appreciative of their [...]

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